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BON Rostschutz Kombi-Pack
BOB multi pack 2x 100 ml
Consists of BOB Rust Primer and compatible BOB Rust Sealer. Rust Primer penetrates into the structure and fills fine cracks and surface pores. Premium rust protection with BOB Rust Sealer in combination with BOB Primer. Volume 2 x 100 ml...
Content 200 ml (€75.50 * / 1000 ml)
€15.10 *
BON Rostversiegelung 100ml
BOB Sealer 100 ml
BOB Rust Sealer stops rust permanently. Fast and easy to apply. No need to remove rust before application as Rust Sealer is bonding to and permanenty sealing any rust.
Content 100 ml (€76.00 * / 1000 ml)
€7.60 *