About us

For more than forty years Weyer has been dedicated to providing high quality products for car enthusiasts. Our efforts have always been directed towards ensuring the finest standards across our entire range.

We pride ourselves on understanding and meeting each customer´s particular needs by developing innovative solutions which offer both quality and reliabiliy.

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Here are just a few of our most popular products:

  • WEYER Car sun blinds – A best seller since we introduced them. They marked the beginning of our success story.
  • WEYER Sun protection roller blinds – an essential part of the company´s upward growth curve. It was the first system of its kind for rear and side windows and is available in various designs
  • BOB Rust Sealant, Rust Primer and the allround helper (all-purpose) Adhesive steel laid the foundations for the expansion of our car body shop and repair products.
  • In 1994 all Weyer merchandise and trademarks were transferred to “Wieland Vertriebs GmbH”,which has sold Weyer products since 1966